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Here are some links I think you might enjoy!  This is a work in progress...I welcome any links or categories that you think should be added.

Christian Radio Stations

Kingdom Radio 1330AM (hear Linda!)
Word of Truth Radio
SHINE FM (Streaming Radio)
Cross Rhythms
Old Christian Radio
Sacred Melodies
Gospel Internet Radio
Fredio (Free Dynamic Radio)
WDAC 94.5 FM (Streaming Radio)
Happy Day New Age Radio

Other Links to Purchase Linda's CDs

God's Choice Christian Book Store
Froogle Google

Christian Magazines

CCM Magazine
Christian Happenings

Christian Festivals & Events

Christian Performing Artists
Christian Happenings

Free Christian Sheet Music

Just Worship

Christian Artists

Lee Behnken

Safe Web Filtering

Be-Safe On-Line


Cafes and Restaurants



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