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So proud you were my classmate..I think of you nearly everytime I ride by your homeplace on Potomoke Street.

Judy Evans Thomas


Linda, congratulations on your wonderful new CD. I really enjoyed it!

Patricia Single


I love the site! I studied classical and jazz piano with this lady when I was younger so I know how wonderful she is. I wish you the best in all your endeavors and want to say congratulations on the new CD!!!!!

Jay Nova


Linda, I love your website! I just added it to my favorites. So happy for you that all is going well for you. It's wonderful that you are using your talent for the Lord. Hope to be able to get to one of your performances when I go to my son's house. He lives in Pasadena and I don't know how far away that is from BelAir but I'm going to check it out. Blessings to you and your husband.

Jo Landon



Linda, you have a beautiful website. I really enjoyed it. You are truly living your dream through your music. Who would have thought our class would have produced a musical prodigy. Way to go girl!

Mildred Purcell Brooks



Hi Linda, Thank you for serving Jesus. God is using you to encourage many people. I wish you the most joyous Christmas you have ever known. Always remember, Jesus loves you very much. Thank you for your friendship. I pray you will always feel the peace that only God can give. God bless you, dear friend.

Joanne Lowe



Hi again Linda, I am sure adding to your inbox today but wanted to share w/ you that Claire loaned your CD to me yesterday. At the risk of appearing to be currying favor, I want to tell you that Awesome and Amazed is an apt title as that is how I felt listening to your beautiful music. You are so talented and I was truly in awe of your ability and amazed by the many different arrangments of songs that I have long known. I always think the true artists are the ones who can take the familiar and put a different spin on it, such as bringing colors into a painting that wouldn't be there in real life or arranging music in a different way so that a familiar tune sounds almost completely different. Congrats on a truly wonderful piece of work. I am blessed to have heard it and to have the privlege of getting to know you through our work.




Thank you for the outstanding performance on Saturday, October 20, 2007. It was a grand evening and enjoyed by all in attendance.

We were thrilled to hear from the many present, comments such as "the evening was so entertaining", "It was so good to hear traditional, recognizable songs; and our Residents were commenting all the way back to their rooms, "that's one of the nicest evenings I've enjoyed in a long time". Thank you for enriching the lives of those who live & visit Cross Keys Village - The Brethren Home Community with your talents. Personally, I truly was sorry to have missed your presentation.

On behalf of the Fine Arts Concert Series Committee, it was a pleasure to have you visit our facility and we look forward to another presentation in the future. Please be aware that we skip at least one year between performances. We very much look forward to a return concert.

Corinne Peterson, Cross Keys Village (The Brethren Home Community)



Linda's music is very uplifting and wonderful to listen to in the
car while driving, or spending time with the Lord at home. She is also a
very humble and sweet person. I highly recommend her for any musical event
at your church or campmeeting.

Nancy Drumheller, Blandon, PA



I have all of Linda's CD's, and am eagerly waiting for her to make a new one. She plays the piano beautifully, and it is an inspiration just to listen to the music.

Mary, Nashville, TN



Thank you so much for the inspirational music on your Behold CD. My daughter and I truly enjoy piano music and the selections were so comforting and uplifting as we drove across the US to move her to San Francisco. It was a motivating reminder that our God is an awesome God and with us no matter where we are. We truly enjoyed it.

Jeanine, PA



Thanks for yoru gift fo music. Keep up the great work.

Johnson Lim
Singapore, SP


I love your Behold CD. Please hurry to work on producing another CD for me to buy! I find your music so relaxing and enjoyable. You have a serious customer here!

Christine Stream
Willow Street, PA



Thanks linda, sucha wonderfull songs!  They just lift me and take to deep presence of the lord even though they are old you made them remember.  Thanks a lot.  God bless you...Keep doing such things and prasie God!  Your friend, joseph.

Lazarus Joseph
Hyderabad, AP



When in Annapolis at the Christian Bookstore this past season, I bought the Celebrate Christmas CD, it was a welcome addition to my Christmas CD's and I played it in the car as well as at our family Christmas gatherings over the holidays and everyone loved it. Very calming and enjoyable.

Christine Petrella
Towson, MD



Linda, I've been playing the piano for years and have had several teachers.  I've come to you as a student to continue going further with music because I love learning music. You can never stop learning. Linda is a wonderful teacher and cares that her students are learning only the best techniques and highest quality in music.

Patty Celozzi
Bel Air, MD

Linda, I just have to write to you telling you how much not only I, but my clients, are enjoying your CD, Celebrate Christmas, Your music is, well, incredible! Words cannot describe the feeling, the calmness, the warmth we feel when ever we play one of your CDs. It is almost as if J.S.B. himself has stopped by to give us a private performance. God has truly blessed you with a remarkable talent, you can hear His glory in every note, every Chord, every time you strike a key. I cannot find the words to tell you how much I love listening to your performances.

I would highly recommend any of your CD's to a business owner who is looking for just the right music for their office or store, to play in the background, or to offer to their patrons. I would also recommend Celebrate Christmas to anyone who is looking for the perfect gift to give this Christmas Season.

May God continue to bless and keep you, and bless us all with His glory through your music!"

Don Eisenhart Photography
1515 Victoria Lane
Hanover, MD 21076

Hi Linda, I am the lady who was at the book store today (well actually yesterday) and you played for me "I Fall On My Knees". I could have stayed there all day and just enjoyed the presence of God through your music. It was beautiful.

I'm grateful that I got to hear your ministry and what blessed me the most, was to be in the presence of someone whose face was just beaming with the glow of God...I could just feel the love of God.

Washington, DC

My daughter is going to do a special music in our church and I'd like her to play the same arrangement )Amazing Grace/ Softly and Tenderly ) you did on your CD ( Praise Peace and Promise ) As you explained, I understand you used your own composition and arrangement. Is that in written form? If so, will it be possible to get a copy from you? My daughter and I really love your arrangements and would love to play it.

New Jersey

Hi Linda, Thanks for the Spiritual uplift with your music, many old favorites.  Thanks again.

Mike Rose

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